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Kearney Education Association member Angela Wright filed her grievance on principles of fairness and respect. Her argument struck a chord with board members.
Petition circulators turn in more than 100K signatures.
Members, public school allies rally to oppose private school tax scheme
Our valued NSEA members make judgments based on information, opinions, and personal values. Whether it is work-related or personal, we often act on judgments we make.
Members urge lawmakers to reject private/religious school tax scheme
You may be eligible for a $3,000 forgivable loan!
“Title IX had a huge impact on my life both as an educator and a coach. By the time I took my first teaching position, Title IX had already changed the course of education for women and girls.”
In 2024, one teacher will represent the good work of all Nebraska teachers as the Nebraska Teacher of the Year.
Members push to make STEM more accessible to all students